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Welcome to Veroweb Services, Here you can find an array of hosted webmaster utilities. From Online counters to Tagboards and Guestbooks, we provide script services so you don't have to!

Always wanted a hit counter script and could never figure it out? With our services you can add these great novelties to your site in as little as one line of code!

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Veroweb Services Updated

Major upgrades to our free webmaster tools

ToolsSeptember 5, 2008 - Seek Leaf Technologies and Veroweb Services are pleased to announce major upgrades to some of our most popular Webmaster services. Over the past month we have been working hard to improve the configuration end, making our services easier than ever to use.

Online Users
Our "Online Users" service has received an interactive geo-location map of all users that are currently browsing your site. This is one of many updates planned for our most popular Webmaster tool provided on Veroweb. You currently do not need to make any changes to use this new feature, in the next few days we will be releasing over 30 new world maps and allow Webmasters to chose which map they wish to use with their Online Users service.

Contact Form
Formerly known as "Feedback" our contact form service allows you to place a simple form on your site that you can fully customize to match the look and feel of your website. With advanced SPAM protection and flooding options you can allow your visitors to contact you without worry about your inbox being full of SPAM.

Clicks Counter
Clicks Counter has gone through phase 1 of the intended upgrades. Over the next few weeks we will be providing detailed stats on who clicks the links you wish to track using this service. If you haven't already login to and configure your click counter. It takes just seconds!

Image Hit Counter
We have added an image counter add-on to our hit counter service. Simply login to and chose the image you wish to use and update your code to change from a text counter to image counter.

URL Redirection
Over the past few months we have been quietly upgrading our URL redirection service. If you have a long URL due to a free web hosting service you can use our fully featured URL Redirection service. We also provide free email forwarding with this service. It takes just a few minutes to configure and your visitors will be able to remember your URL a lot easier.

Live Countdown
Our countdown service has been upgraded to make it easier than ever to use. If you have a fan, celebrity or any other type of interactive website this service is for you. Simply select the date and time with our brand new Date-time Selector of any event you or your visitors are waiting for (Ex. New album release) chose your colors and place the code on your site. We will take care of the rest for you. This service is simple, fast and useful for visitors that browse your website for information.

Search Engine Optimization
We are in the last stages of testing our Search Engine Optimization area for webmasters. This will soon be released to the public and will assist you in getting your site the search engine rankings you desire. With many different useful tools and tips this we are confident this will be one of our most popular tools used on

Web Stats BETA
We are also looking for high traffic websites to BETA test our new web stats service. This service will provide you with detailed stats about your visitors; where they come from, what browser they're using, what operating system they're on, their screen resolution and much more. If you wish to become a BETA tester your website must receive at least 2,000 unique hits per day. Please contact us by sending an email to with your website and we'll get back to you.




Seek Leaf Technologies acquires Veroweb Services

All services go ad free effective immediately!

Seek LeafAugust 5, 2008 - Seek Leaf Technologies acquires Veroweb Services, a leading provider of free webmaster tools across the internet. Effective immediately all services that require code to be placed on registered users websites will be provided 100% ad free.

Veroweb Services has undergone a new look and will continue providing free tools for webmasters while focusing on search engine optimization tools and tips. Helping assist clients target relevant web traffic to their website. Veroweb Services has also gone through a complete source code overhaul to improve performance and offer products on a more scalable level.

Seek Leaf Technologies invites all current, old and new and interested webmasters to try the new Veroweb Services with absolutely no advertisements on services that are displayed directly members websites.

Veroweb Services is also proud to announced it's absolutely revamped URL redirection service offering two types of URL redirection. The first being URL shortening, simply go to or any of our other URL redirection domains. Take a long and hard to remember URL paste it into the text box and it will turn into a short easy to remember URL that never expires! You do not need to be a member of Veroweb Service to use this service.

In addition to URL shortening we also have redone our website redirection service from the ground up with new and shorter domains and faster easy-to-use service. Take your long website URL provided by your free webhost and turn it into a short simple URL like this service requires you to be an active member of Veroweb Services. In addition to website redirection we also provide you with an email alias. An email alias will forward all email going to this alias to your email address.

Veroweb Services is a website dedicated to bringing webmasters around the world both free tools for their websites. Founded in 2002 Veroweb Services has become one of the internets leading web services.

Seek Leaf Technologies is a privately owned company located in San Francisco, CA all comments and suggestions can be directed to